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  Apoyo a los paises del sahel en su lucha.
Apoyo a los paises del sahel en su lucha.

Apoyo a los paises del sahel en su lucha.

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Nowadays, the Sahel region represents one of the greatest threats to the stability and security of the 5+5 space. The fragility of most Sahelian states marked by the weakness of their public institutions, corruption and lack of good governance, multiplies the evils of an impoverished societies with great difficulties to access public services, health care and education. In this context, terrorist groups have proliferated together with other phenomena like illicit traffics, illegal migration and inter-ethnical conflicts. If the present of the Sahel region is a cause for major concern, it is even more so when its foreseeable evolution is considered. The future of the region is threatened by factors such as climate change, environmental degradation or demographic growth that have a strong impact and may amplify the economic and social problems of the Sahelian populations.

This research tries to provide an approach from the 5+5 space focused on the analysis of all those social, cultural and economic aspects that may increase the resilience of Sahelian societies to counter terrorism and insecurity. The objective is to share our insight on these societies and determine priority areas for action in order to find feasible and lasting solutions


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